Three little poems

Three little poems about love and loss, that just wanted to come out into the world, days, months or even years after after they poured out of me.

Photos on a wall

She glanced at some photos and giggled
I love what you do! I've been to those places and didn't see
the beauty you say in them.
Oh, baby, what if I could do the same
by looking at your soul?


Cherry on the pavement

I blinked
And the flowers turned to cherries
As your fingernails
Running aimlessly on the kitchen table
Like playing invisible strings
Hinging on my heart


Happy to hang around

It's pitch black
And there's a light
Shimmering in the distance
Set the shores alight
With hopes and dreams
Can only light your soul
And nothing else
Eyes that lie.
The sky and the clouds and the stars.
And let them be your guide
as you drift asea

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